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Number of crew members:. 1 The greatest number of passengers. 9, Capacity: 1300kg, length:. 13,543m, fuselage length:. 6,91m, Height:. 3,56m, Track chassis. 2.5m, the largest take-off. weight: 3300kg, power plant:.. 2TVD Pratt & WhitneyRW207K, Takeoff engine power: 2630l.s. (2463kVt), the cargo compartment. Length: 3.5 m, width of the cargo compartment:. 1,68m, height of the cargo compartment:. 1.3 m, maximum permissible speed. 285 km / h, the speed at flight level:. 250km / h. The maximum practical range: 635 km Service ceiling:. 5700m, Static ceiling:. 3300m, Rate of climb:. 21,5m / s. ---